Section 21 set to be scrapped

Kent Renters welcomes the Government’s announcement that it intends to abolish no-fault evictions in the private rented sector by repealing Section 21. For too long renters have been living with the insecurity of knowing they might be only a few weeks away from eviction, through no fault of their own. It’s left us in fear of reporting poor conditions in case the landlord responds with a Section 21 notice.

Jon Patience, Kent Renters’ Convenor, said “I’ve been served with a Section 21 notice for complaining about chronic damp and it leaves you afraid of what might happen in the future. It’s hard to put down roots in an area, and bring up a family in security, if you might be made to leave at short notice. The ability to evict tenants without any fault has left the rented sector completely imbalanced in the landlord’s favour and it’s good that the Government intends to abolish it. The task now is to ensure that it’s done in a way that properly protects tenants.”

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